42nd Malaysian International Open Bowling Championships 2024
Malaysian national, Aussie shoots 300 for lead
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2nd May, Petaling Jaya: 2023 World Championships two silver medallist, Sin Li Jane shot the fourth perfect game of the 42nd Malaysian International Open 2024 to regain top spot in the Women's Open qualifying table on Tuesday morning while Jordan Dinham of Australia also rolled the fifth 300 for lead in the men's division.

Jane, who had topped the table at the start of the championships with 1368, dropped down to sixth position over the past four days as team-mate Gillian Lim took over the lead with 1422 before national youth Adelia Nur Bte Irwan Syazalee overtook Lim for top spot with 1428.

The leader took to the lanes at the 9.00 am squad today and had a great start reeling in 12 consecutive strikes to register the fourth perfect game of the championships. She follwed it up with 248 and 247 for a whopping 805, the first to surpass the 800-mark and 1506 total for the lead.

Adelia and Lim settled for second and third while leader for two days and national podium squad member, Siti Safiyah Amirah dropped off the top 3 bracket into fourth position with 1421.

Sin Li Jane rolling the fourth perfect game to regain the lead

Nur Irdina Bte Hazly of SBF, Singapore remained in the lead of the overseas pool with 1411. Debutant, Nora Andersson of Sweden became the third bowler to register a 3-game series of 806 at the 10.30 am squad to haul herself up from tenth in the reserves pool to second with 1411.

Last year's first runner-up, Colleen Pee of SBF, Singapore improved from eighth position to third with 1368. 2016 AMF World Cup champion, Jenny Wegner of Sweden moved into fourth position with 1364. Kim Hyo-Mi of Korea, who was third briefly, dropped out of the top 3 bracket into fifth with 1344.

In the men's open division, early leader, Chong Jun Foo of ABAS/Hero, Sarawak regained the lead after improving his 6-game total to 151. Overnight leader and 2022 champion, Ahmad Muaz slipped down to second with 1488. Team-mate Nevern Netaneel leapfrog from third in the mixed pool to take up third with a stunning 752 series for a new 6-game tally of 1467.

Azriq Izamuddin, Malaysian national podium squad held on to fourth with 1466. National youth, Wan Muhd Zarif Ikram slipped down to fifth with 1458. Early pace-setters, Timmy Tan, national podium squad slipped out of the top 4 bracket into sixth with 1456.

Aussies continued to dominate the overseas pool with Jordan Dinham taking over the lead with the tournament's fifth perfect game for 1463. Blake Walsh and two-time Australian national champion and six-time Regional PBA champion, Sam Cooley sliped down to second and third with 1458 and 1453 respectively. Hardy Rachmadian of Sumatra Utara, Indonesia held on to fourth with 1445.

Darren Ong of SBF, Singapore dropped out of the top 4 with 1444. Muhammad Hariz Adlan of Malaysian national youth squad, headed the mixed pool with 1417 while the cut in 16th position went to Jessie Ellis of Australia with 1368. With less than a dozen squads left, this cut could well go up to 1410 or more.

A fifth perfect game at the championships taking Jordan Dinham into the lead

Women local qualifiers positioned 4 to 10, overseas qualifiers positioned 4 to 10, qualifiers positioned 1 to 12 in the mixed pool, top 2 from desperado squad along with the defending champion will contest Round 1 finals. Men local qualifiers positioned 5 to 12, overseas qualifiers positioned 5 to 12, qualifiers positioned 1 to 13 in the mixed pool, top 2 from desperado squad along with the defending champion will contest Round 1 finals.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

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