47th Hong Kong International Open Bowling Championships
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Greetings from Hong Kong, China Tenpin Bowling Congress!

We take pleasure in inviting your Federation to participate in the captioned tournament which will be held on June 28 - July 6, 2024 in SCAA Bowling Centre, 1/F, Sports Centre, 88 Caroline Hill Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

The tournament is sanctioned by Asian Bowling Federation and International Bowling Federation (IBF) and it will be conducted in accordance with the International Bowling Federation Statutes and Playing Rules as of September, 2019. It is also one of the 2024 Asian Ranking tournament where ranking points will be awarded.

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You will be amazed by the diverse contrast and close proximity of stunning cityscapes and soaring mountains, heritage sites and extensive green countrysides.

Whether you are a vacationer, nature lover or cultural explorer, Hong Kong can cater for your every desire. Discover the myriad of things to see and do in one of the most diverse and exciting destinations in the world.

47th Hong Kong International Open Poster

The SCAA Bowling Centre at Causewy Bay
The Official Hotels are:
  1. Harbour Plaza North Point, which is 20 minutes by car/taxi to SCAA Bowling Centre under normal traffic conditions.
  2. Regal Hong Kong Hotel, which is 8-10 minutes walking distance to SCAA Bowling Centre. MTR station is about 10 minutes walk from the hotel.
  3. Nina Hotel Casueway Bay formerly known as L'Hotel, is 20 minutes walking distance to SCAA Bowling Centre or 5 minutes by car/taxi in normal traffic conditions.

1. Harbour Plaza North Point (excluding 10% service charge)
Room Types Rates
Single Occupancy HK$800.00 US$102.00 approx.
Twin Occupancy HK$920.00 US$118.00 approx.
Triple Occupancy HK$1,425.00 US$182.00 approx.
Single/Twin Room only HK$680.00 US$87.00 approx.
Triple Room only HK$1,065.00 US$136.00 approx.

665 King's Road, North Point, Hong Kong
Telephone: +852 2280 2926
Fax: +852 2280 2826
Website: www.harbour-plaza.com
Download: Harbour Plaza North Point Booking Form

2. Regal Hong Kong Hotel (excluding 10% service charge)
Room Types Rates
Single Occupancy HK$1,100.00 US$141.00 approx.
Twin Occupancy HK$1,200.00 US$154.00 approx.
Triple Occupancy HK$1,500.00 US$192.00 approx.
Single/Twin Room only HK$1,000.00 US$128.00 approx.
Triple Room only HK$1,200.00 US$154.00 approx.

88 Yee Wo Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Telephone: +852 2837 1981
Fax: +852 2577 9912
Website: www.regalhotel.com
Download: Regal Hong Kong Hotel Booking Form

3. Nina Hotel Causeway Bay (excluding 10% service charge)
Room Types Rates
Single/Twin Room only HK$990.00 US$127.00 approx.
Note: As the western restaurant is under renovation, no breakfast will be provided.

18 King's Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Telephone: +852 2280 2926
Fax: +852 3553 2868
Website: www.ninahotelgroup.com
Download: Nina Hotel Causeway Bay Booking Form

The above rates will only apply when reservations are made through our Congress. Format, Squad Schedule and Prize Structure are available for download.

Thank you very much for your kind attention. We shall look forward to seeing your bowlers in June.

Yours sincerely,

Vivien Lau, SBS, J.P.
Chairman, HKTBC
Hon. Life President, ABF

Hong Kong China Tenpin Bowling Congress
Room 2004, Olympic House
1 Stadium Path, So Kon Po
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: 852 2891 9786
Fax: 852 2575 2145
Email: hktbc@netvigator.com
Website: www.hktbc.org.hk

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