20th Asian School Tenpin Bowling Championships
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Hong Kong Tenpin Bowling Congress wishes to invite all members of the Asian Bowling Federation to participate in the 20th Asian School Tenpin Bowling Championships, scheduled to take place at the SCAA Bowling Centre in Hong Kong from July 6 to 12, 2019.

Hong Kong offers a host of memorable tourist attractions within its compact area, with The Peak, Victoria Harbour and the Giant Buddha among the most awe-inspiring. You will be amazed by the diverse contrast and close proximity of stunning cityscapes and soaring mountains, heritage sites and extensive green countrysides.

Whether you are a vacationer, nature lover or cultural explorer, Hong Kong can cater for your every desire. Discover the myriad of things to see and do in one of the most diverse and exciting destinations in the world.

The 20th Asian School Tenpin Bowling Championships will be conducted in accordance with Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 of World Bowling Statutes and Playing Rules as of February 2019.

The Organizing Chairman and its Committee extends its utmost appreciation to the Asian Bowling Federation for its support, confidence and endorsement of HKTBC as host of this 2019 Championship. Form A (Intend to Participate) must be submitted on or before 30 April, 2019.

Hong Kong harbour by night

There are four (4) official hotels available and a summary of their rates are as follows:

Room Types City Garden Hotel L'Hotel Causeway Bay
No. of rooms available 40 20
Single/Twin (Room only) HK$880 US$114 HK$990 US$129
Room with 1 breakfast HK$980 US$127 HK$1,090 US$142
Room with 2 breakfasts HK$1,080 US$140 HK$1,190 US$155
Triple (Room only) HK$1,180 US$153 HK$1,375 US$179
Room with 3 breakfasts HK$1,480 US$192 HK$1,675 US$218
Room Types Regal Hong Kong Harbour Plaza North Point
No. of rooms available 30 20
Single/Twin (Room only) HK$1,080 US$140 HK$880 US$114
Room with 1 breakfast HK$1,210 US$157 HK$980 US$127
Room with 2 breakfasts HK$1,340 US$174 HK$1,080 US$140
Triple (Room only) HK$1,380 US$179 HK$1,265 US$164
Room with 3 breakfasts HK$1,770 US$230 HK$1,598 US$208

Yours faithfully

Ms Vivien Lau, BBS, JP
Chairman, HKTBC
Honorary Life President, ABF
Secretary General, World Bowling

Hong Kong Tenpin Bowling Congress
Room 2004, Olympic House
1 Stadium Path, So Kon Po
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2891 9786 Fax: +852 2575 2145
Email: asc2019@hktbc.org.hk

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