Krapiva International Open 2019 (Stage III KBT)

Krapiva Bowling & Bar wishes to invite all members of the Asian Bowling Federation and World Bowling to participate in the Krapiva International Open 2019 (Stage III KBT), scheduled to take place in Kazakhstan from June 10 to 16, 2019.

As the ninth largest country in the world, Kazakhstan is full of plenty to explore. Much of the country is covered in vast steppe, broken by mountains, forests, lakes, and cities. The geographical size and diversity of the country, plus relatively well-developed infrastructure, means that tourism in Kazakhstan is growing and expanding. Any trip to Kazakhstan is an opportunity to explore this beautiful country and all its unexpected destinations.

It would be easy to make a trip to Kazakhstan that just stayed in the big cities. Almaty is the historical capital and the biggest city, full of tree-lined streets, cute cafes, and beautiful museums. Astana is the modern capital, where buildings were designed by international architects and the streets are wide and clean. Almaty and Astana are global cities, where it’s easy to find world-class dining, accommodations, and entertainment.

Kazakhstan also has a rich culture and history, from spiritual leaders to artisans and performers. Alongside modern concert halls and international-level performers are traditional musicians, keeping alive generations of songs and poems.

The EBRD in Kazakhstan

Applied arts are still popular for decorating houses and yurts, while museums hold some of the finest examples of workmanship by Kazakh artists. From the openness of the steppes to the hustle of the big cities, Kazakhstan has plenty to explore. No matter what your interests are, or your reasons for visiting Kazakhstan, you’ll be sure to find a tour to fit you and take you to new places beyond your imagination.

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Kuznetsov Evgeny
Phone: +7 777 7117 999 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)

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