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Championship Title
16th Asian Games
Guangzhou, 11 - 24 November 2010
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Bowling is a very popular indoor sport around the world. Tracing up bowling's history, it is widely believed that the German culture was the cradle of this sport. It was included as the regular sport of Asian Games in the year 1978, the 8th Asian Games in Bangkok.

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The officially recognized international events are: Singles, Doubles, Team of Five, individual All-Events and Masters. Each individual plays three rounds, with each round consisting of six games; rankings will be decided by total scores.

The preliminary round in the masters' competition narrows the number of contestants to 16. This group of 16 then plays individual games against one another. Each contestant plays 16 games at this stage, receiving 10 points for each win and 5 points for a tie. Three finalists are selected at the end of this round.

The second and third place finishers then play one game against each other, with the loser finishing in third and the winner advancing to the final match. This person and whoever finished first in the group of the 16 round play for the championship.


Guangzhou Asian Games Sports and Culture Centre,
299 Tianhe Road, Guangzhou,
Guangdong Province,
People's Repulic of China 510620
Tel: +86 20 38005900
Fax: +86 20 38003119
EMail: yuhongxia@gz2010ag.org
Website: www.gz2010.cn/en

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