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 March 2 - 8 PBA-WBT H.H. Emir Cup 2019, Doha, Qatar
 March 17 - 24 2019 World Junior Bowling Championships, Paris, France
 March 24 - 30 7th DIBC Open Bowling Tournament 2019, Dubai, UAE
 Mar/Apr 31 - 6 Tashkent Open 2019, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
 April 3 - 11 45th MWA SINGHA Thailand International Open (Senior, Youth & Graded), Bangkok
 April 12 - 15 45th MWA SINGHA Thailand International Open (Open Division), Bangkok
 April 17 - 25 20th Asian Youth Tenpin Bowling Championships, Kuching, Malaysia
 Apr/May 26 - 4 40th Malaysian International Open, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
 May 25 - 31 2nd Brunswick Youth Challenge 2019, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
 June 10 - 16 PBF 3rd Philippine International Open Bowling Championships, Manila, Philippines
 June 10 - 16 Krapiva International Open 2019 (Stage III KBT), Kazakhstan
 June 16 - 22 2019 Macao China International Open Bowling Championships, Macau, China
 June 23 ABF Tour - Macau 2019, Macau, China
 June 24 - 30 51st Singapore International Open Bowling Championships, Singapore
 July 6 - 12 20th Asian School Tenpin Bowling Championships, Hong Kong, China
 July 15 - 20 45th Hong Kong International Open, Hong Kong, China
 July 21 ABF Tour Hong Kong 2019, Hong Kong, China
 July 25 - 29 2019 Storm U-22 China International Youth Bowling Open, Shanghai, China
 August 7 - 11 U22 5th Fukuoka Summer Cup Bowling Championships sponsored by Storm, Fukuoka-ken, Japan
 August 11 - 17 19th Kaohsiung International Open, Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei
 August 18 ABF Tour - Chinese Taipei 2019, Kaohsiung
 August 22 - 25 Senior Friendly Bowling Tournament 2019, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
 August 22 - 30 World Women Championships, Las Vegas, USA
 August 31 World Bowling Executive Board Meeting, Las Vegas, USA
 September 1 World Bowling Congress Meeting, Las Vegas, USA
 September 2 - 10 World Senior Championships 2019, Las Vegas, USA
 September 7 - 10 Sarawak International Open 2019, Kuching, Malaysia
 September 21 - 22 Leadaa Travel Invitation Cup (Hong Kong) 2019 , Hong Kong, China
 September 22 - 28 2019 PBA-WBT World Bowling Tour Thailand, Bangkok
 October 19 ABF Executive Committee Meeting, Kuwait
 October 21 25th ABF General Assembly, Kuwait
 October 20 - 30 25th Asian Tenpin Bowling Championships, Kuwait
 Oct/Nov 31 - 6 PBA-WBT 13th Kuwait International Open, Kuwait
 November 12 - 20 33rd Asian Intercity Bowling Championships 2019, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
 November 16 - 24 55th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup, Palembang, Indonesia
 Nov/Dec 30 - 11 2019 Philippines 30th SEA Games, Manila, Philippines
 December 7 - 13 20th MILO International Junior All-Stars Bowling Championships, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
 December 10 - 18 47th Penang Pesta International Bowling Championships, Seberang Prai, Malaysia
 Major World Bowling Tour & Sanctioned by World Bowling  Sanctioned by ABF/World Bowling
 World Bowling Tour & Sanctioned by World Bowling  ABF Tour & ABF Tour Ranking
 Official ABF Championships  Sanctioned by ABF
 More News
Sarawak Open 2019
10th Sep: National bowler captures Open Masters crown. Full story...
2019 WB Women's C'ships
30th Aug: Singapore bags Masters gold. Full story...
ABF Tour Chinese Taipei
18th Aug: Double joy for Chinese Taipei. Full story...
19th Kaohsiung Open
17th Aug: Deserving victory for Thai and Singaporean. Full story...
2019 Storm U22
28th Jul: Japanese youth clinches U22 title. Full story...
ABF Tour Hong Kong
21st Jul: Maiden tour title for Malaysian, Filipina. Full story...
45th Hong Kong Open
20th Jul: Deserving victory for topseeds. Full story...
20th Asian School
12th Jul: Hong Kong, Japan shares Masters glory. Full story...
ABF Tour Macau
23rd Jun: Macau, Hong Kong shares glorious victory. Full story...
2019 Macau-China Open
22nd Jun: Convincing victory for topseeds. Full story...
PBF 3rd Philippine Open
16th Jun: Filipino, Singaporean bags Open Masters title. Full story...
20th Asian Youth
25th Apr: Singapore, Malaysia shares Masters glory. Full story...
45th Thailand Open
15th Apr: Malaysians sweep Masters titles. Full story...
H.H. Emir Cup 2019
8th Mar: Second-seed captures Emir Cup title. Full story...
46th Penang Pesta
15th Dec: Indonesian retains Masters title. Full story...
19th MILO All-Stars
9th Dec: Korean captures "the Masters" crown. Full story...
2018 World Men C'ships
5th Dec: Canadian defies all odds to win Masters gold. Full story...
19th Asian School
8th Oct: Singapore sweeps Masters gold medals. Full story...
2018 PBA-WBT Thailand
28th Sep: American topseed wins second WBT title. Full story...
28th East Asian C'ships
21st Sep: Hong Kong and Korea capture Masters gold. Full story...
18th Asian Games
27th Aug: Malaysia, Japan ends Korea's Masters stronghold. Full story...
ABF Tour Chinese Taipei
8th Jul: Macau and Chinese Taipei win final leg. Full story...
18th Kaohsiung Open
7th Jul: Topseeds triumphs in Kaohsiung. Full story...
ABF Tour Hong Kong
1st Jul: Indonesian captures tenth tour title. Full story...
44th Hong Kong Open
29th Jun: Indian, Thai wins Stage 1 finals. Full story...
ABF Tour Macau
24th Jun: Maiden victory for Korean and Malaysian. Full story...
2018 Macao-China Open
23rd Jun: Topseeds crowned Open Masters champions. Full story...
PBA-WBT Busan Cup
26th May: Thai bags first PBA title. Full story...
PBF 2nd Philippine Open
13th May: Aussie, Filipina claims Open Masters titles. Full story...
Jaya Ancol Singles
5th May: Thai captures Open Masters title. Full story...
ABF Tour Thailand
15th Apr: Chinese Taipei celebrates rare double. Full story...
44th Thailand Open
14th Apr: Topseeds crowned champions. Full story...
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