35th Asian Intercity Bowling Championship
Four cities shares Masters glory
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12th January, Taichung: Alex Yu of Hong Kong, China, NurFadhlin Arisya of Shah Alam, Lin Xian Zhong of Taichung and Nur Hashilah Hashim ended the 35th Asian Intercity Bowling Championships with victory in their respective divisions on Friday evening.

Third-seed, Yu Ho Yin had to work hard for the win against eighth-seed, Lee Tak Man of Macau, China. Yu easily won the first match, 225-180 but lost to Lee 228-267 in the second match to draw level.

Yu prevailed with a strike against Lee's 9-pin in the one-ball roll-off to break the tie and clinch the Men's Masters gold medal. The champion defeated Paranaque's Aldric Andreo Bathan, 2-0 in the round of 16 to advance to the quarter-finals.

The Hong Kong national bowler had to strike again in the one-ball roll-off after winning one match each against another Macau national, Tam Wai Chong, who rolled 9 pins to make the semi-finals. In the semi-finals against compatriot, Danny Lee of Happy Valley, 2-0 to advance to the gold medal final match.

Men's Masters medalists, Lee Tak Man, Alex Yu, Danny Lee and Muhammad Azizi Naim

Lee defeated second-seed, Muhammad Azizi Naim Jabar of Shah Alam, 2-0 in the other semi-finals match to advance to the final.

Meanwhile, ninth-seed Nur-Fadhlin Arisya of Shah Alam (211, 233) ousted third-seed and Team gold medalist, Hazly Nur Irdina of Singapore (171, 201), 2-0 in the medal round to win the Women's Masters gold medal.

But the Singaporean was lucky to advance to the final after beating Macau's Lou Si Hang, 8-6 in a one-ball roll-off after both won one match each. Hazly had to endure another tie-breaker in the quarter-finals against Ou Shu Yu of Taichug with 9-7 win to make the semi.

The champion also broke the tie-breaker with a 8-6 win over Doubles gold medalist, Zatil Iman in the all-Shah Alam semi-finals to proceed to the title match. She had a much easy path to the semi when she dispatched Shirlene Wong of Singapore, 2-0 in the quarter-finals.

Nur-Fadhlin denied host Taichung's Wang Ting Wen to make progress when she ousted the Taiwanese, 2-0 in the round of 16. Her victory in the Masters added a fourth gold medal for Shah Alam, securing both the Women division cup and the overall champions City cup with a total of 38 points on a medal haul of 4-4-3.

Women's Masters, Lou Si Hang, Zatil Iman, Hazly Nur Irdina and Nur Fadhlin Arisya

Taichung also secured the Men's Senior division cup by winning their third gold medal of the championships. Lin Xian Zhong easily beat team-mate, Qiu Xian Kui, 2-0 in the all-Taiwanese final. Lin won the tie-breaker against Moon Seong-Ik of Jeju, 10-5 in the semi-finals after winning one match each. Qui sailed past Kang Eun-Yong, 2-0 in the other semi to face Lin in the final. Moon and Kang settled for a bronze medal each.

Nur Hashilah Hashim won Kuala Lumpur's third gold of the competition with victory in the Women's Senior Masters final against two silver medalist, Datin Rakiah Ali 9-8 in yet another tie-breaker after both won one match each. The champion beat team-mate and Doubles and All-Events gold medalist, Zarina Halim, 2-0 in the all-Kuala Lumpur semi-final match. Datin Rakiah had another tie-breaker win, 8-6 over Yang Young-Ja of Jeju in the other semi.

Jurong emerged as overall Men division champion to win the AIBC DIvision Cup with 14 points on a 2-0-2 medal haul. Shah Alam totaled 28 points with a medal haul of 4-2-1 to win the Women division cup. Taichung Senior men came away with 32 points on a medal haul of 4-2-3 while Kuala Lumpur claimed the Women Senior division cup on 23 points with a medal haul of 3-0-4. Shah Alam went home as overall champion with 41 points.

Shah Alam will host the 36th edition of the Asian Intercity in Shah Alam, Malaysia from 24 to 31 October, 2024. The championships attracted a total of 64 men, 36 women, 44 senior men and 28 senior women from 15 cities and 3 guest cities.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Taichung, Taiwan.

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