35th Asian Intercity Bowling Championship
Tamuning, Taichung secures topseeds in Men's Singles
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9th January, Taichung: Jeremiah Camacho of Tamuning, Guam and Squad A leader, Chen Meng-Song of Taichung secured top spot in the Men's Singles and Men's Senior Singles of the 35th Asian Intercity Bowling Championships.

Camacho, who won the 2018 Macao-China Youth Masters title, was on fire reeling in 277, 236, 216 and 226 for a total of 955 to advance into the semi-finals shootout as topseed. Jurong's Jayden See and Jeremy Yeo did exceptionally well to finish second and third with 930 and 927 respectively.

Perfect gamer and Squad A leader, Syed Muhammad Hafiz of Petaling Jaya, held on to the fourth and last semi-finals spot with his total of 922. Singapore's Joshua Soo, who was second to Syed Muhammad Hafiz missed the cut by 18 pins with his Squad A score of 904.

Camacho will face the Malaysian in semi-finals while See and Yeo will battle it out in the other all-Jurong semi-finals match. The winners of the semi-finals will proceed to the gold medal final match.

Top 4 advancing to the Men's Singles knockout semi-finals

In the Men's Senior division, Squad A leader, Chen Meng Song of Taichung, remained unchallenged and retained top spot with his 816 total. Zaba Bin Othman of Shah Alam, who was second to the Taiwanese, also retained second spot with 801.

Gene Anthony Basa of Paranaque and Ma Ying-Hao of Taipei made the cut in the second squad to finished third and fourth positions with 796 and 791 respectively. A second Taichung senior, Lin Xian Zhong missed the cut by 5 pins to finish fifth with 786.

Chen will meet fellow-countrymen, Ma in the semi-finals and Zaba will face Basa in the other semi-finals match. The winners of the semi-finals will proceed to the gold medal final match. All the four divisions semi-final matches will contest together commencing at 8.50am local time.

Competition will shift to the Doubles event over 4 games for each player following the Singles semi-finals and final matches on January 10. The Team of Four over 3 games per player will be held on January 12.

Top 4 advancing to the Men's Senior Singles knockout semi-finals

The top 8 Women Senior with the highest pinfalls (11 games) in the All-Events standings will qualify for the best-of-3 Elimination Shootout Masters Finals while the top 16 Women, top 16 Men Senior and top 16 Men with the highest pinfalls in their respective All-Events standings will qualify for their Masters Finals.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Taichung, Taiwan.

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