35th Asian Intercity Bowling Championship
Asian Intercity Championships officially opens
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8th January, Taichung: The 35th Asian Intercity Bowling Championships, hosted by new member city, Taichung for the first time, was officially declared open by Guest of Honour, Mr Li Yu Jui, Director of Sports Bureau, Taichung City Government on Monday.

Fourteen member cities of the Asian Intercity Bowling Council (AIBC) together with three guest cities and host, will be vying for glory at the 35th edition of the immensely popilar and friendly champioships at Yahuan Bowling Center.

Dededo and Tamuning from Guam, Happy Valley, Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories from Hong Kong, China, Jeju from Korea, Macau, Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam and guest city Penang from Malaysia, Paranaque and Pasay Cities from Philippines, Singapore and guest city, Jurong from Singapore and new member city and host, Taichung and guest city, Taipei.

The emcees kicked off the ceremony with an introduction of the Guest of Honour, Mr Li Yu Jui, Director of Sports Bureau, Taichung City Government, who has taken time off his busy schedule to be at the opening ceremony.

Eighteen cities parading at the official opening ceremony

Distinguished guests, Mr Johnson Cheng, President of AIBC, Mr Yang Kuan Chang, Honorary President of Chinese Taipei Bowling Association (CTBA), Mr Wu Fu Lung, President of CTBA, Mr Chang Wu Li, Executive Director, CTBA and Mr C.P. Ho, President of Taipei Bowling Association.

Also present were Mr Richard Lai, 1st Vice President of AIBC, Mr James Dela Cruz, 2nd Vice President of AIBC, Ms Nena Yap, Secretary General of AIBC and Executive Council members, Mr Frankie Cheung, Ms Michelle Wong, and Mr Mohd Farid Khalid.

The eighteen cities then marched past the dignitaries after which, the emcee invited the Guest of Honour to deliver his opening speech. He welcomed all the team officials and athletes to the city of Taichung and thanked the Executive Council for awarding the hosting of the championships.

Mr Johnson Cheng, on behalf of the AIBC Executive Council, also spoke during the ceremony in which he thanked the city of Taichung for playing host to this championships and wished all athletes the best of luck.

Mr Xu Zhe Jia and Ms Wang Ting Wen of Taichung then took the athlete oath on behalf of all the players while Ms Chang Yu-Hsuan took the oath on behalf of the officials. Distinguished guests, council members, team officials and players were invited to a welcome reception which followed after the opening ceremony ended.

The championships consist of Singles, Doubles, Team of Four and the Masters Finals. Four divisions - Men, Women, Senior Men and Senior Women will contest the three events over the next four days.

Mr Li Yu Jui, Director of Sports Bureau, Taichung City Government delivering his speech

The top 16 players from each division based on the All Events standings (11 games from Singles, Doubles and Team events) will qualify for the elimination rounds of the Masters finals to be played over best-of-three head-to-head knockout matches.

The men's champion team, women champion team and the overall champion city based on the medal standings will be awarded the Men's Seotopo Cup, Women's Seotopo Cup and the Overall Seotopo Cup at the Victory Celebration on January 12.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Taichung, Taiwan.

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