35th Asian Intercity Bowling Championship
Four different cities crowned Team champions
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12th January, Taichung: Jurong wins Men's Team of 4 gold medal of the 35th Asian Intercity Bowling Championships while Singapore took the Women's division, Taichung the Men's Senior and Petaling Jaya the Women's Senior on Friday morning.

Singles gold medalist, Jeremy Yeo led team-mates, Athan Lim Jun Da, Chan Jia Wei and Jayden See by beating third-seed, Taichung, 176-173 in the Team of 4 final to win the gold medal, played in Bakers' format. The champion had earlier thrashed compatriots, Singapore, 279-224 in the first semi-final match.

Taichung's Xu Zhe Jia, Chou Yen Chia, Lin Zi Xiang and Lin Yu Yu defeated Macau's Fong Hong U, Tam Wai Chong, Lou Ka Weng and Lee Tak Man, 204-180 in the other semi to face Jurong in the final. Jurong advanced to the medal round by topping the 3-game prelimiaries with a total of 2660 pinfalls.

Macau finished second with 2647. Taichung took third spot with 2532 while Singapore made the medal round cut in fourth position with 2508. Happy Valley missed the cut by just two pins for finishing fifth with 2506.

Men's Team of 4 gold medalist, Jurong with their medals

Jayden See topped the Men's All-Events standings with 2494 to win Jurong's second gold medal. Muhammad Azizi Naim Jabar took the silver medal with 2468 and Alex Yu Ho Yin of Hong Kong, China claimed the bronze medal with 2430. The top 16 in the All-Events standings qualified for the Masters elimination Round of 16.

Meanwhile Singapore won their first gold medal with victory over Shah Alam, 221-194 in the Women's Team of 4 title match. Lim Shi En, Nura Zuklifli, Hazly Nur Irdina and Shirlene Wong dispatched Jeju's Lee Mi-Sook, Choi Byung-Sook, Goh Yang-Rye and Oh Hwang-Jeong, 213-181 in the semi-final.

Shah Alam's Nur Aini Izzani, Nur-Fadhlin Arisya, Zatil Iman Abd Ghani and Singles gold medalist, Faten Najihah Ahmad Faik beat Taichung's Wang Ting Wen, Oh Shu Yu, Guo Qian Qian and Peng Hsiao Ting, 212-208 in the other semi.

The champion had topped the 3-game preliminaries with 2549 total. Shah Alam finished second with 2315. Taichung took third spot with 2285 while the final medal round spot went to Jenju with 2156.

Faten Najihah picked up her third gold after topping the All-Events standings with 2326. Lim and Hazly finished second and third with 2267 and 2263 respectively to take home the silver and bronze medals. The top 16 in the All-Events standings qualified for the Masters elimination Round of 16.

Singapore winning their first gold medal in the Women's Team of 4

Taichung won the Men's Senior Team of 4 gold medal after defeating Jeju, 191-150 in the Bakers' format final. The champion advanced to the title match by narrowly beating fellow-countrymen, Taipei, 174-169 in the semi-final match. Jeju edged Petaling Jaya, 219-199 in the other semi-final match to face Taichung in the final.

Lin Xian Zhong won the Men's Senior All-Events gold medal with total of 2211 pinfalls. Yang Si-Bong and Chen Meng Song took home the silver and bronze medals with 2190 and 2152 respectively.

Petaling Jaya won the one-ball roll-off after they tied with second-seed, Kuala Lumpur on 179 a piece to clinch the Women's Senior Team of 4 gold medal, 10-9. Ther fairy-tale started with yet another victory, 10-7 in a one-ball roll-off tie-breaker against Jeju in the semi-final. Jeju easily dispatched Kowloon, 195-126 in ther other semi-final match to advance to the final.

Zarina Halim won her second gold medal for finishing top of the Women's Senior All-Events standings with 2021. Yang Young-Ja settled for the silver medal with 1962 while Datin Rakiah Ali of Petaling Jaya claimed the bronze medal with 1928.

The top 16 Men's Seniors and Women Seniors in the All-Events standings qualified for the Masters elimination Round of 16.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Taichung, Taiwan.

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