35th Asian Intercity Bowling Championship
Six cities set for Women's Doubles medal rounds
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10th January, Taichung: Six different cities are set to win a medal as they advanced to the Women's and Women's Doubles medal rounds of the 35th Asian Intercity Bowling Championships after completing their preliminaries on Wednesday.

Oh Hwang-Jeong and Goh Yang-Rye of Jeju, Korea, who led the opening squad of the Women's Doubles, remained unbeaten after the second squad was completed. The Korean pair amassed a total of 1723 to advaance to the medal rounds as top-seed.

2023 Asian Junior triple gold medalist, Lim Shi En of Singapore, paired up with Hazly Nur Irdina to also remained unchallenged to take second spot with 1637. Second squad leader, Anne Marie Dianne Kiac and Maria Lourdes Arles of Paranaque, Philippines finished third overall with 1577.

Singles gold and silver medalists, Faten Najihah Ahmad Faik and Zatil Iman Abd Ghani of Shah Alam clinched the fourth and final medal round spot with 1562. The second Singapore pair of Nura Zulkifli and Shirlene Wong missed the cut by just five pins to end up in fifth with 1557. Singles bronze medalist, Wang Ting Wen and Ou Shu Yu, who were third in the first squad, also missed the cut with 1531.

Women's Doubles medal round finalists, Singapore, Jeju,
Paranaque and Shah Alam

The first pair of Jeju will take on the second pair of Shah Alam in the first semi-finals match while the first pair of Singapore will square off with the second pair of Paranaque in the other semi.

In the Women's Senior division, Singles bronze medalists, Jude Khadijah and Zarina Halim of Kuala Lumpur overtook Squad A leader of Jeong Eun-Sook and Singles gold medalist, Yang Young-Ja of Jeju to advance to the medal rounds as topseed with 1409.

The Korean pair settled for second with 1326. Juraidah Binti Ramli and Anizah Binti Muhd Sies of Shah Alam surprised the field to take up third with 1322 while the fourth and past medal round spot went to Michelle Wong and Singles Silver medalist, Datin Rakian Ali of Petaling Jaya with 1306.

The first Kuala Lumpur pair of Hasnah Jamaluddin and Nur Hashilah Hashim, who was second in Squad A, slipped down to fifth and missed the cut by 24 pins. The topseed, Kuala Lumpur pair will face compatriots and fourth-seed, Petaling Jaya 2. The Jeju, Korean pair will meet the third-seed pair from Shah Alam.

Women's Senior Doubles medal round finalists, Jeju, Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam and Petaling Jaya

Meanwhile, Squad A of the Men's and Men's Senior Doubles will be contested later today. The second squad will be held tomorrow morning, January 11. The top 4 pairs in the Men's Doubles and the top 4 pairs in the Men's Senior Doubles will advance to the medal rounds.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Taichung, Taiwan.

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