35th Asian Intercity Bowling Championship
Women's Team of Four finalists confirmed
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11th January, Taichung: Macau, Singapore, Shah Alam, Taichung and Jeju confirmed their place in the Women's Team of 4 medal rounds for the 35th Asian Intercity Bowling Championships while Jeju, Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and Kowloon made the medal rounds of the Women's Senior division.

Doubles bronze medalists, Lim Shi En and Hazly Nur Irdina teamed up with Nura Zulkifli and Shirley Wong to put Singapore into the Team of 4 medals rounds after the quartet totaled 2549 pinfalls in the preliminaries. Doubles gold medalist, Zatil Iman Abd Ghani and Faten Najihah Ahmad Faik along with Nur Ain Izzani and Nur-Fadhlin Arisya finished second with 2315.

Wang Ting Wen, Ou Shu Yu, Guo Qian Qian and Peng Hsiao Ting totaled 2285 to take up third spot while Lee Mi-Sook, Choi Byung-Sook, Goh Yang-Rye and Oh Hwang-Jeong made the cut for the medal rounds in fourth position with 2156.

Vat Ming Hei, Gracinda Guedes Pinto, Cheang Chi Cheng and Lou Si Hang of Macau missed the cut by 11 pins after finishing fifth with 2145. Singapore will square off with Jeju in the first Baker's format semi-finals.

Women Team finalists, Singapore, Shah Alam, Taichung and Jeju

The strong team of Shah Alam will meet host, Taichung in the other semi-finals match. The winners of the semi-finals will battle it out in the gold medal final match.

Meanwhile, Jeju's Kang Eun-Ju, Kang Kong-Ha, Jeong Eun-Sook and Singles gold medalist, Yang Yough-Ja advanced to the Women's Senior Team medal rounds as topseed after totaling 2052 pinfalls in the 3-games preliminaries.

Kuala Lumpur's Nur Hashilah Hashim and Hasnah Jamaluddin teamed up with Doubles gold medalist, Jude Khadijah and Zarina Halim also advance after taking up second spot with 1983. Doubles bronze medalist, Michelle Wong and Datin Rakiah Ali along with Poziah Atan and Shirley Burnett of Petaling Jaya finished third with 1898 to make the medal rounds.

Kowloon's Money Chin, Polly Mak, Catherine Yuen and Maggie Yeung clinched the fourth and final medal round spot with 1744. Shah Alam failed to make the cut by 26 pins in fifth position with 1718.

Jeju will meet Kowloon in the Baker's format semi-finals and Kuala Lumpur will face Petaling Jaya in the all-Malaysian semi-finals. The winners of the semi-finals will challenge for the gold medal in the final.

Women Senior Team finalists, Jeju, Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and Kowloon

The Men's and Men's Senior Team of 4 will take to the lanes later in the evening over 3 games. The top 4 will advance to the medal rounds scheduled for January 12.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Taichung, Taiwan.

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