35th Asian Intercity Bowling Championship
Eight Men's teams seal Team of 4 medal rounds
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11th January, Taichung: Jurong, Macau, Taichung and Singapore confirm their place in the Men's Team of 4 medal rounds for the 35th Asian Intercity Bowling Championships while Taichung, Petaling Jaya, Jeju and Taipei made the medal rounds of the Men's Senior division.

Singles gold medalist, Jeremy Yeo led team-mates, Athan Lim Jun Da, Chan Jia Wei and Jayden See to secure top spot in the Men's Team of 4 medal rounds after the quartet totaled 2660 pinfalls over the 3 games preliminaries.

Doubles gold medalist of Fong Hong U and Lee Tak Man, along with Tam Wai Chong and Lou Ka Weng did well to finished second on 2647 after leading with the opening game of 913. Xu Zhe Jia, Chou Yen Chua, Lin Zi Xiang and Lin Yu Yu of Taichung took third spot with 2532.

Joshua Soo, Josh Goh, Ryan Goi and Brian Ngoi clinched the fourth and final medal round spot with 2508, just 2 pins ahead of Jason Sin, Bobby Ho, Danny Lee and ex-international, Michael Tsang of Happy Valley, which finished fifth with 2504.

Men Team finalists, Jurong, Macau, Taichung and Singapore

Jurong will meet Singapore in the first semi-finals match played in Baker's format. Macau and Taichung will battle it out in the other semi-finals for a chance of a gold medal in the final.

Taichung's Chen Meng Song, Qiu Xian Kui, Liu Jian-Cheng and Lin Xian Zhong sealed their place in the Men's Senior Team of 4 medal round as topseed after they finish with 2324 in the preliminaries.

Darren Lau, Eddie Tong, Joe Tay and Ken Ng of Petaling Jaya did well to take up second spot with 2136. Third position went to Jeju's Moon Seong-Ik, Kang Eun-Yong and Yang Si-Bong after the Koreans totaled 2114.

Taipei's Ma Ying-Hao, Hsieh Fu-Ming, Hsau Kuo-Hsiung and Ho Hsin-Yi clinched the final medal round spot in fourth position with 2092. Taichung will meet Taipei in the all-Taiwanese semi-finals match.

Petaling Jaya will need a good game to defeat Jeju in other semi-finals match. The winners of the semi-finals will challenge for the gold medal in the final. The Team of 4 medal rounds will be held tomorrow morning. The Masters finals will follow after the Team medal ceremony.

Men Senior Team finalists, Taichung, Petaling Jaya, Jeju and Taipei

Photos by Terence Yaw in Taichung, Taiwan.

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