18th Asian School Tenpin Bowling Championships
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Pos ID  Bowler Country Gms Sgl Dbl Tm1 Tm2 Total Ave Cut
1121 PUTERI NURUL DINIMAS A18125112186656393773209.61+407
2123 GILLIAN LIMMAS A18127112526176293769209.39+403
3115 SHIN ZONG YISGP A18121212805895843665203.61+299
4102 EMILY JOHNSTONAUS18126412125555983629201.61+263
5113 FION LIEW SHAN TINGSGP A18119412376105853626201.44+260
6124 NUR AINA KAMALIAMAS A18115312805876013621201.17+255
7122 NAJWA NAZIRAHMAS A18118411446176043549197.17+183
8125 DAYANG YUMI AZREENMAS B18118711485846203539196.61+173
9114 FIONA YEW HIOK HENGSGP A18124111375615933532196.22+166
10101 KYLIE BAILEYAUS18105212215575953425190.28+59
11110 REGINA DAVAL-SANTOSPHI18117611545755053410189.44+44
12104 JAMIE PHELANAUS18114211305166123400188.89+34
13105 CHI YUN-FANTPE18110011864956153396188.67+30
14117 NUR AMIRAH NGSGP B18121410765315613382187.89+16
15112 GRACE GELLAPHI18113611325795293376187.56+10
16103 CHLOE JONESAUS18106811055955983366187.000
 Top 16 makes cut for Masters Finals
17107 WU JIE YUTPE18111811895075473361186.72-5
18127 NUR HAZIQAH BTE RAMLIMAS B18110011225475843353186.28-13
19126 NUR HAZIRAH BTE RAMLIMAS B18110911325065973344185.78-22
20119 ALENA DANG THANH NHISGP B18114810515465963341185.61-25
21116 ARIELLE TAY XIN YISGP A18108311545365473320184.44-46
22120 CAITLAN LIM LE YISGP B18102711176025223268181.56-98
23128 ASYA DANIA BTE AZREEMAS B18105111055355763267181.50-99
24106 PENG HSIAO-TINGTPE18105910475265793211178.39-155
25109 DAPHNE CUSTODIOPHI18108610495615093205178.06-161
26118 JENAE WEESGP B18111010845364733203177.94-163
27111 DANIELLE LAZOPHI18106610135475603186177.00-180
28108 LIN TZU-TINGTPE18106210325694613124173.56-242

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