32nd Asian Intercity Bowling Championships
Men's Masters - Round of Top 16
Rnk ID  Bowler  City M1 M2 M3 Wins  Results
1142 BRANDON TING PADAWAN1782020 9th
16145 KEVIN OLIVER CU PARANAQUE2252152 Advance
2110 LEO TSE HAPPY VALLEY1992172672 Advance
15108 MICHAEL GADIA DEDEDO2301801811 16th
3111 MICHAEL TSANG HAPPY VALLEY1912041992 Advance
14148 NIKKO GO PARANAQUE2461901911 15th
4112 RICKLE KAM HAPPY VALLEY2162072 Advance
13119 ALEX YU HONG KONG1651920 14th
5117 ERNEST KWOK HONG KONG1982152 Advance
12113 MINH DUC LE HO CHI MINH1661280 13th
6134 LEI HOK KIN MACAU204192+602 Advance
10154 YUSUF ABDUL RAOF SHAH ALAM2231942332 Advance
8133 LEE TAK MAN MACAU2272262 Advance
9109 JASON SIN HAPPY VALLEY1782030 11th

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