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Kuwaiti retains post for fourth term

18th September, Hong Kong: President of World Bowling and incumbent, Sheikh Talal Mohammad Al-Sabah of Kuwait retained the Asian Bowling Federation president's post for a fourth four-year term unchallenged at the 24th ABF General Assembly held at Olympic House on Sunday.

For a third consecutive general assembly held under the leadership of Sheikh Talal, the 24th General Assembly went smoothly without any major issues raised. The President of Kuwait Bowling Federation was returned as president for a fourth four-year term.

Only one nomination was received for the Vice President position for Western Region - His Excellency, Prince Abdul Hakim Al-Saud, President of Saudi Bowling Federation and he was duly elected the new Vice President replacing Mr Layth Thomas of Iraqi Bowling Federation.

There were no other nominations received for the other three Vice Presidents positions and hence incumbents, Mr Choi Jang-Kyu (Vice President of Far East Region), Ms Suwalai Satrulee (Vice President of South East Region) and Mr Michael Seymour (Vice President Oceania Region) all retained their positions.

New ABF Exco
Members of the new ABF Executive Committee

Four nominations were recieved from member federations for positions in the Executive Committee. Qatar Bowling Federation nomonated its secretary general, Mr Bandar Al Shafi, Japan Bowling Congress nominated its president, Mr Kaoru Kitagawa, Philippines Bowling Federation nominated its secretary general, Mr Alexander Lim and Macau-China Bowling Association niminated its President, Mr Ma Chi Seng.

All four were duly elected into the Executive Committee while incumbent, Mr Farouk Haridi of Egypt Bowling Federation retained his position in the board. The elected members will serve the board for a four-year term.

Ms Amber Leung was re-appointed secretary general of Asian Bowling Federation by Sheikh Talal while Mr Winston Chan was also re-appointed as Honorary Auditor for another four-year term.

Before the elections took place, the delegates went through the minutes of the last general assembly which was duly accepted and approved. The assembly also approved the financial reports presented. Members were pleased to note that there will be no increase in the membership fees. The committee also announced that there was no new applications received for membership.

Mr Alexander Lim presented a report as host of the 19th Asian Youth Championships 2017 which will be held from 21 - 28 October in Manila while Sheikh Talal briefed on Kuwait hosting of the 25th Asian Tenpin Bowling Championships 2018.

Sheikh Talal
Sheikh Talal re-relected President for a fourth time

The assembly was also informed that Tenpin Bowling Australia has expressed interest in hosting the 17th Asian School Championships 2016 and will confirm at a later date.

Ms Vivien Lau, Honorary President of ABF and secretary general of World Bowling expressed her sincere appreciation to all the delegates attending the assembly in participating in the 24th Asian Tenpin Bowling Championships.

Hong Kong Tenpin Bowling Congress will ensure that all requirements were met and should any of the teams require any requests, the host will be most happy to oblidge.

The 24th General Assembly ended in less than one hour and delegates adjourned for lunch at Regal Hongkong Hotel. The next general assembly (non election year) will be held in Kuwait during the 25th Asian Tenpin Bowling Championships 2018.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Hong Kong.

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