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3rd Chinese Taipei Open Title
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FIQ-WTBA Asian Zone
3rd Chinese Taipei Open Logo Organized by:
Chinese Taipei Bowling Association

This year's 3rd Chinese Taipei International Open Bowling Championship will be held at the Li Chuan Bowling Centre, Kaoshiung from the 8th - 18th December, 1999.

The 3rd Chinese Taipei International Open will also be the qualifying rounds of the 5th Leg of the Asian Bowling Tour 1999 - the Chinese Taipei Masters Cup which will be held on the 19th - 20th Dec., 1999.

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    Tournament Secretariat
    Chinese Taipei Bowling Association
    Room 508, No. 20, Chui-Lun Street
    Taipei, Taiwan 10406 R.O.C.
    Tel: 886 2741 6677
    Fax: 886 2741 5522
    Member of FIQ-World Tenpin Bowling Association
    Member of FIQ-WTBA
    Perfect Game Awards: This international tournament is organized by Chinese Taipei Bowling Association and is sanctioned by FIQ-WTBA Asian Zone. Attractive Prizes will be awarded to bowlers to hit a Perfect Game. Perfect Game Awards
    Download Full Results
    Full Results Available: The 3rd Chinese Taipei Int'l Open results for all the events will be available for download. Download Full Results

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