PBF 3rd Philippine International Open 2019
Men's Open Round 2 Finals Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | Display Results
Pos Bowler Affiliate/CountryScore12345678AveDif
1 MERWIN TAN PHILIPPINES1887244265190268236192244248235.880
2 BILLY M. ISLAM INDONESIA1815185248171223289253246200226.88-72
3 RYAN LALISANG INDONESIA1747222211205202229213211254218.38-140
 Top 3 advances to Stepladder Finals
4 SAM COOLEY AUSTRALIA1743247236217192225223203200217.88-144
5 MUHD JARIS GOH SINGAPORE1733201236222227205232196214216.63-154
6 HARDY RACHMADIAN INDONESIA1728204224197189193234219268216.00-159
7 ERNEST KWOK HONG KONG 1701210213257181203191224222212.63-186
8 AHMAD SAFWAN SINGAPORE1667180203209247191192190255208.38-220
9 JOHNATHAN CHAN SUNWAY MG1650195238198191201227188212206.25-237
10 DHRUV SARDA INDIA1644166222201231203224193204205.50-243
11 KEVIN CU PBAP-JT1643212221214223190204190189205.38-244
12 MUHD SYAZIROL MALAYSIA1632190245197234226177155208204.00-255
13 YERI RAMADONA INDONESIA1628201212225202213211203161203.50-259
14 IVAN TSE HONG KONG 1624135215199217219202232205203.00-263
15 BASIL NG SINGAPORE1593196222207226183194203162199.13-294
16 FREDERICK ONG PHILIPPINES1565191179205199163193245190195.63-322
17 JOEL TAN SINGAPORE1563179188207193202222194178195.38-324
18 MARCUS LIM SINGAPORE1540255193205156211210167143192.50-347
19 ALEX YU HONG KONG1533184225215192172179180186191.63-354
20 RJ BAUTISTA PRIMA-Timberpro1529152167235170177214200214191.13-358
21 JONAS BALTASAR TBAM-Prima1498160180194192248182155187187.25-389
22 TIMOTHY THAM SINGAPORE1495166222166210150187180214186.88-392
23 KENZO UMALI PHILIPPINES1481183196175180172184198193185.13-406
24 ABDULLA ALI BAHRAIN1376156203174167154187160175172.00-511

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