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9th China Open Title
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The 9th China International Open Bowling Championship 2001 will be held at the Great World Bowling Centre in Guangzhou, Guangdong from the 28th July - 4th August, 2001.

Competition is divided into Open and Graded Division. The events are divided into Trios, Doubles, Singles (Master Qualifying), All Events and Masters. All bowlers are eligible to participate in the Open division while male bowlers whose average is 189 and below; and female bowlers whose average is 175 and below, are eligible to participate in Graded division. Overseas bowlers must submit written confirmations of their averages from their respective Associations/Congresses. The champions of the Graded Masters of previous China International Open are ineligible to bowl in all Graded events.

This championship will also be the qualifying rounds of the 4th stop of the CGU Asian Bowling Tour 2001 - the China Leg which will be held on the 5th - 6th August, 2001.

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    Tournament Secretariat

    Chinese Bowling Association
    9 Tiyuguan Road
    Beijing 100763 China
    Tel: 86 10 6713 5232
    Fax: 86 10 6711 4994
    Mr. Li Jia-Jun
    Tel: 86 1701 2233 or 2364
    Fax: 86 1701 5858
    Mr. Zhong Tianfa
    9 Tiyguan Road
    Beijing, China

    Member of World Tenpin Bowling Association
    Member of FIQ-WTBA
    Download Full Results
    Full Results Available: The 9th China International Open results for all the events will be available for download as and when they are played. Download Full Results

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