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35th Hong Kong International Open Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Men's Graded B Finals
Pos  Bowler Ctry 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Score Ave Dif
1 WANG HONG BOCHN2131961921952241901692142272092132042446203.830
2 VONG VANG IPMAC1962012052021941781811921931942031852324193.67-122
3 HSIAO YI YANGCHN1921501751832022212061942032052011882320193.33-126
4 LEE KWOK KIT SAMUELHKG1672081932081801801771801942251951942301191.75-145
5 XIAN WEI MING CHN2061691891941841991891951901792011942289190.75-157
6 MA KAM MING MARCOHKG1352251961571591771931891782112452162281190.08-165
7 LEE PO KIT SAMHKG2362011722231701571881651692081811852255187.92-191
8 CHEUNG CHUNG YIN JOEYHKG2211922251771331591762331531692351722245187.08-201
9 WOO SHIA KANHKG1681821802091801761781761811691831972179181.58-267
10 YEUNG KWOK KEUNG PATRICKHKG1671851831761511991821481551912132042154179.50-292
11 KUOK CHI KEONG KENNETHMAC1911731691601811702161331941761911652119176.58-327
12 YUNG YAT LEONGHKG1611791871471781811511711751831911692073172.75-373
13 HUI VENG HOU INACIOMAC1861532041611491692241581501911671442056171.33-390
14 PAK TIN HUNG DANNYHKG1551391441801721491762021761941432222052171.00-394
15 LEE MING SUMMAC1861931551231851931791471701711481802030169.17-416
16 WONG TAT LUNG PAULHKG1921561771381881831801861391581311972025168.75-421
17 YEUNG KWAN HOHKG1881471621491811621641671561801701882014167.83-432
18 CHIU KA CHEUK TONYHKG1371591301751481231521371641681981391830152.50-616
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