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16th Asian School Tenpin Bowling Championships Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
Medal Photo Album
Girl's Masters Finals (Block 1)
Pos  Bowler/Ctry Flag 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Score Ave Total Diff
1 NORA LYANA NATASIA 羅嘉嫵2171472372542052442372391780222.501850+72
 MALAYSIA 馬來西亞1010101010101070
2 WAKANA MIZUTANI 水谷 若菜2051922582122241962252031715214.381785+7
 JAPAN 日本1010101010101070
3 KIM DONG YO 金東曜1931782122262252572342031728216.0017780
 KOREA A 韓國101010101050
 Top 3 makes cut for Stepladder Finals
4 FATEN NAJIHAH 亞蔓花亞1582702272012192152281991717214.631757-21
 MALAYSIA 馬來西亞1010101040
5 KIM JIN JU 金真珠1971952472171771562682051662207.751712-66
 KOREA B 韓國101010101050
6 EMMA WILLIAMSON 威廉遜2152082131711841782561911616202.001686-92
 AUSTRALIA B 澳洲1010101010101070
7 SHION IZUMUNE 泉宗 心音2002082271992061712092131633204.131673-105
 JAPAN 日本1010101040
8 NUR AMIRAH AUNI AZMAN 亞芝敏1862032032462092231911901651206.381671-107
 MALAYSIA 馬來西亞101020
9 RENA OHBAYASHI 大林 令奈1921822262271872291931851621202.631656-122
 JAPAN 日本510101035
10 JEONG WON 鄭黃1871931702321922252581581615201.881645-133
 KOREA A 韓國10101030
11 BEA HERNANDEZ 賀蘭度2061961952461931911951691591198.881621-157
 PHILIPPINES A 菲律賓10101030
12 AMANDA LEE 李芳林1811682541931661911812261560195.001620-158
 SINGAPORE A 新加坡10101010101060
13 REBEKAH COMMANE 甘文尼2001632441921812142211691584198.001614-164
 AUSTRALIA A 澳洲10101030
14 CHARMAINE CHANG 張瑜倩1681882012362172071781801575196.881585-193
 SINGAPORE A 新加坡1010
15 JERMAINE SEAH 謝宜鳴1821822061462102111941661497187.131522-256
 SINGAPORE B 新加坡5101025
16 KANG CHAE RIM 姜彩琳1751921581651831741481891384173.001394-384
 KOREA A 韓國1010
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