44th Hong Kong International Open Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Hong Kong Cup Qualifying (Results as at 23/06/2018 after 2200hrs squad...)
Pos ID  Bowler Ctry Gen Ser1 Ser2 Hcp Score Ave
1126 HENRY HUI HKGM75061501365227.50
2080 CHU WAI KIM, ALAN HKGM63959201231205.17
3147 IVAN LO HKGM62060701227204.50
4074 YIP KA YAN, JOEY HKGF624589481213202.17
5224 KWOK KA YIN, DANNY HKGM61260001212202.00
6240 IAN LUK HKGM60158401185197.50
7077 WONG WAI CHEUNG, BRIAN HKGM58957601165194.17
8163 ARTHUR LEE HKGM62753601163193.83
9137 EDMOND LO HKGM63851901157192.83
10084 ALFRED PANG HKGM60454801152192.00
11136 ROCKY HUI HKGM58456201146191.00
12225 LAM KWONG YIU HKGM58356301146191.00
13200 CHAN HO YIP HKGM58555701142190.33
14139 NOEL CHAN HKGM58155901140190.00
15141 LAM WAI KUEN, CALVIN HKGM57654901125187.50
16242 WONG HO MING HKGM56055901119186.50
17123 LAM MAN KIT HKGM58453301117186.17
18095 YIM YIU KWONG HKGM54052401064177.33
19216 CHING WAI CHUEN, TIMOTHY HKGM53851501053175.50
20333 JASON SIN HKGM56847401042173.67
21145 LO SIU WING, ALAN HKGM54248001022170.33
22300 HO SUI SANG HKGM54547501020170.00
23197 YEUNG WAI HUNG HKGM51350001013168.83
24206 PATRICK WAN HKGM50550101006167.67
25201 TO CHI HANG HKGM50449801002167.00
26081 CHU WAI KIT, ALEX HKGM5344270961160.17
27252 KAM LAP SING, KELVIN HKGM4994510950158.33
28064 THOMAS NG HKGM644 0644214.67

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