44th Hong Kong International Open Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Hong Kong Cup Masters Finals
Pos ID  Bowler Ctry Sex 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Hcp Score Ave Dif
10333 JASON SIN HKGM18919521920921120224320801676209.500
20136 ROCKY HUI HKGM19820217724518222819923301664208.00-12
30175 TSE CHUNG YIN, LEO HKGM20822223623619219718216401637204.63-39
40332 TSANG PAK KEI, MICHAEL HKGM16119620118521625619521201622202.75-54
50126 HENRY HUI HKGM19020415924123220318718801604200.50-72
60125 OTTO LEUNG HKGM24615319322217921122516501594199.25-82
70080 CHU WAI KIM, ALAN HKGM18019317919017724621119101567195.88-109
80174 TSANG YIN KI, DAVID HKGM20317616922019219620219101549193.63-127
90086 TAM YI NOK, ANSON HKGM18219227813917219121216901535191.88-141
100074 YIP KA YAN, JOEY HKGF235150201158186197146177641514181.25-162
110138 CK CHIANG HKGM21615919918316620020416701494186.75-182
120240 IAN LUK HKGM14120314416221021222019801490186.25-186
130137 EDMOND LO HKGM18118419315820421317917001482185.25-194
140201 TO CHI HANG HKGM17917819916318913920017901426178.25-250
150224 KWOK KA YIN, DANNY HKGM19018017719615916718016601415176.88-261
160147 IVAN LO HKGM14516120413721520017316901404175.50-272
170139 NOEL CHAN HKGM14716519220021316112819301399174.88-277
180225 LAM KWONG YIU HKGM17314215018517014915617301298162.25-378

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