44th Hong Kong International Open Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Men's Grade B Masters Finals
Pos ID  Bowler Ctry 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Score Ave Dif
10458 FANG JIA FEI CHN2151962121692021811882041567195.880
20443 ABNER LOO CHUN LIK MAS2301911911811792061831681529191.13-38
30347 EUGENE OR SGP1481862472022211971591691529191.13-38
40495 PARSIT PRANGTHONG THA2042251441142442091881921520190.00-47
50485 CHIU CHIH WEI TPE1581931941611571712522111497187.13-70
60441 KEE DOW LIANG MAS1681721771932032041592141490186.25-77
70352 GUTIERREZ NIKKO GUM1841821821931881621742131478184.75-89
80232 UDOMCHAI WONGPHANLAK THA1861852091581822131541891476184.50-91
90500 LEE PAU PING, ANDREW SGP1771721891771782022021751472184.00-95
100489 SONG HUAXI CHN1811851741841681851961801453181.63-114
110517 HSU HSIEN CHUNG TPE1441791852141951801781741449181.13-118
120522 CHEN JR WEI TPE2011821251721991801722141445180.63-122
130164 LEE KWOK KIT, SAMUEL HKG1681511801621831732052171439179.88-128
140475 ALOYSIUS KUOK SGP1811871541702011801901601423177.88-144
150043 CHAN SHUN SHING HKG1782011811691641831671711414176.75-153
160041 NGAN WAI MING HKG1771911591621711761801611377172.13-190
170457 JEREMIAH TAN SGP1721461781821581571681781339167.38-228
180456 RAMON MIKAEL CABAZOR PHL1251591441571571742121701298162.25-269

Note: Abner Loo Chun Lik (0443) defeated Eugene Or (0347), 214-176 in a one-game roll-off to break the tie and take second position.

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