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4th Indonesia International Open Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Men's Open 2nd Block Finals
Pos  Bowler Ctry B/F G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6 G7 G8 Score Total Ave
1 ALEX LIEW MAS177720921326826524819220527918793656228.50
2 WU SIU HONG HKG179722624725725722123322619218593656228.50
3 HELMY CHEW SIN187019518921521425722823321417453615225.94
4 DAVID SITORUS INA162223425823227924824320121119063528220.50
5 FADHEL MAUSAWI KUW180521522026715723819215623616813486217.88
6 AZIDI AMERAN MAS169222524424520618119223225417793471216.94
 Top 6 makes cut for Stepladder Finals
7 OSCAR INA173119519323717121422522822716903421213.81
8 TAUFIK RACHMAN INA160519622222323325821321224217993404212.75
9 DANIEL LIM MAS170520023423417820521620721416883393212.06
10 BOTCHOCK REY PHI171817218820924524219921619516663384211.50
11 PURVIS GRANGER PHI166921322721219021720921520916923361210.06
12 MOHD NOER SAID MAS158019019424822422125827914717613341208.81
13 PAENG NEPOMUCENO PHI167618919522821420020021622316653341208.81
14 JANSEN INA170519019719416020523523620616233328208.00
15 TIM MACK USA167219016423621117723213623515813253203.31
16 ISAAC RUSSEL MAS160720617719518922222019523916433250203.13
 Top 16 Asians qualify for ABF Tour Indonesia
17 BEN HENG MAS156818419921621125918719222516733241202.56
18 THOMAS TAN INA162217122325717520018420719816153237202.31
19 MUHD NUR AIMAN MAS163122718620317821518323317716023233202.06
20 KELVIN KEONG MAS157122821721416719420121020416353206200.38
21 DENNIS RANOVA INA158716018921216318424421423215983185199.06
22 DONTO N INA150120021324620821521419119416813182198.88
23 JONATHAN LIM MAS147015016418026326519625523217053175198.44
24 TAKAHIRO YOSHIDA PHI161421917318220215817822521615533167197.94
25 SYAHEREZA FAJRIN MAS167521616718617019023516415014783153197.06
26 WICKY YEUNG HKG163417622320315520515218817214743108194.25
27 ROCKY HUI HKG157118119218518720415119124515363107194.19
28 SYAFIQ RIDHWAN MAS154817821417220817922517820015543102193.88
29 FRANKIE CHEUNG HKG156322316822018817016419418315103073192.06
30 HANDAYA INA155120819416916819120018220815203071191.94
31 FREDDY ISKANDAR INA145718923922525614418419317316033060191.25
32 RUSLIM NOOR INA152916418217615816723820522415143043190.19
33 BAMBANG S INA152319519717218319517518920315093032189.50
34 WILLIEM WIJAYA INA146618718315623319921117122415643030189.38
35 MARCO PUTRA INA145321215819119821119118115915012954184.63
36 PRASTYA MALIK INA140824015615918818420517919815092917182.31

1. Alex Liew (MAS) tied with Wu Sui Hong (HKG) and a 1 game roll-off was held to break the tie. Alex Liew defeated Wu Sui Hong, 257-217 for top-seed.
2. Ben Heng (MAS) and Thomas Tan (INA) qualified for ABF Tour Indonesia leg taking up the 2 slots vacated by non-Asians, Purvis Granger (USA) and Tim Mack (USA).
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