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4th Indonesia International Open Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Women's Open 2nd Block Finals
Pos  Bowler Ctry B/F G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6 G7 G8 Score Total Ave
1 ZARA GLOVER ENG189823420118120220022524423617233621226.31
2 SHALIN ZULKIFLI MAS175722823621021725521024219617943551221.94
3 RENA TENG SIN187625618422621619419816719816393515219.69
4 KN LAI MAS170620125720321419022420118916793385211.56
5 MELISSA BELLINDER USA168820619821223216921620918416263314207.13
6 JOEY YIP HKG167914623818621520317025621416283307206.69
 Top 6 makes cut for Stepladder Finals
7 WAN NUR ATIQQA MAS161123521314721624020022117016423253203.31
8 LIZA CLUTARIO PHI161321017918924719817320323416333246202.88
9 NOR ATTEYA MAS166715220619416916920518621614973164197.75
10 ZATIL IMAN MAS153120919523420419519518021616283159197.44
11 GINA LIM SIN155319720819422418920818020316033156197.25
12 VANESSA FUNG HKG155819118816619419318324522015803138196.13
13 WENDY CHAI MAS150418318019720017824420322516103114194.63
14 CHOY POH LAI MAS149518017221517416522717917414862981186.31
15 SYAKIRAH YEOHMAS151118917516921419816717615914472958184.88
16 SHEANNY GUNAWAN INA143114217719220223318017317914782909181.81
 Top 16 Asians qualify for ABF Tour Indonesia
17 SIN LI JANE MAS135222216022516015818523719515422894180.88
18 TAN BIE LING INA144315821218017818715817916414162859178.69
19 SARI FARIANTY INA140916422520516916017718114614272836177.25
20 A AYU INA137518417119717115519020118414532828176.75
21 YENNI MARTOATMODJOINA148717516917715616816816815713382825176.56
22 LANI SARDADI INA142516215416417520016815817013512776173.50
23 TAN BIE SIAN INA132719016518214015815815716713172644165.25
24 CHRISTYN CHEWMAS14130000000001413176.63

Note: Sin Li Jane (MAS) and Tan Bie Ling (INA) qualified for ABF Tour Indonesia leg taking up the 2 slots vacated by non-Asians, Zara Glover (ENG) and Melissa Belinder (USA).
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