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2014 It's Daejeon International Open Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
Women's Open Qualifying (Final Results as at 18th November, 23:00hrs squad…)
Pos ID  Bowler Ctry Ser1 Ser2 Ser3 Total Ave Dif
 Top 15 Local Pool
120003 SUNG GYEONG EUN 성경은KOR7267266832135237.220
220023 LEE YEON JI 이연지KOR7277046832114234.89-21
320025 YUN HEE YEO 윤희여KOR7246936822099233.22-36
420002 KIM SU JIN 김수진KOR7036996692071230.11-64
520004 SONG SI RA 송시라KOR6776776662020224.44-115
620005 LEE DA HYE 이다혜KOR6746736682015223.89-120
720009 KWEN HYE MI 권혜미KOR7366646002000222.22-135
820022 KA YUN MI 가윤미KOR6906516471988220.89-147
920013 KIM YEON JU 김연주KOR6666646471977219.67-158
1020001 KIM MIN HEE 김민희KOR6846506341968218.67-167
1120008 LEE SU JEONG 이수정KOR6836446361963218.11-172
1220007 HAN SOL 한솔KPBA7016366211958217.56-177
1320006 CHOI HYUN SOOK 최현숙KPBA6816746001955217.22-180
1420015 KANG HYUN JIN 강현진KOR7206206131953217.00-182
1520028 SON HYE RIN 손혜린KOR7086326091949216.56-186
 Top 6 Overseas Pool
160003 BERNICE LIM SIN7006886872075230.560
260005 NEW HUI FEN SIN7726636232058228.67-17
360001 CHERIE TAN SIN7066665951967218.56-108
460004 JAZREEL TAN SIN6706246231917213.00-158
560006 SHAYNA NG SIN6646275811872208.00-203
660002 DAPHNE TAN SIN5935835761752194.67-323
 Top 21 Local & Overseas Pool
04200 KANG SOO JIN 강수진KOR Defending Champion
120012 LEE NA HYUN 이나현KOR6956406111946216.220
220024 KIM SEON JEONG 김선정KOR6586486361941215.67-5
320021 BAE SUNG HEE 배성희KOR6666496261940215.56-6
420031 KIM JI SU 김지수KOR6756556101933214.78-13
520010 KIM JI YEON 김지연KOR6936286121929214.33-17
620034 RYU SEO YEON 류서연KOR6706426171920213.33-26
720030 OH NU RI 오누리KOR6856196161913212.56-33
820019 AN HEON IM 안현임KPBA6876445821905211.67-41
920032 KIM GA RAM 김가람KOR6406216201881209.00-65
1020014 PARK JIN HEE 박진희KPBA6266125951823202.56-123
1120029 KIM YOU JIN 김유진KOR6316075851809201.00-137
1220035 PARK JIN HEE 박진희KOR6276235671794199.33-152
1320011 PARK SU JI 박수지KOR6266125711639182.11-307
1420039 SEO HYEON JEONG 서현정KOR6385755601633181.44-313
1520036 KIM YU RI 김유리KPBA5985855561158128.67-788
1620026 CHIO YEONG MI 최영미KPBA6225545411141126.78-805
1720027 JEONG JI HYE 정지혜KPBA5965475181094121.56-852
1820038 AN HAE YEON 안해연KOR5755415381079119.89-867
1920033 KIM SO HYEON 김소현KOR6085344971066118.44-880
2020020 LEE SANG MI 이상미KOR5545525271633181.44-313
2120018 HAM GEUM JA 함금자KPBA5555275111593177.00-353
2220017 LEE JEONG HUI 이정희KOR5535071060176.67-886
2320016 YU HAE OK 유해옥KOR497458955159.17-991

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