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2014 It's Daejeon International Open Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
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Players and guests
Photos: image 2 Of 32 thumb
Players and guests
Photos: image 3 Of 32 thumb
Cultural performance
Photos: image 4 Of 32 thumb
Cultural singing
Photos: image 5 Of 32 thumb
Ex-Korean national bowlers
Photos: image 6 Of 32 thumb
Gyeong Eun and Min Hee
Photos: image 7 Of 32 thumb
Si Ra and Da Hye
Photos: image 8 Of 32 thumb
Hui Fen, Daphne and Cherie
Photos: image 9 Of 32 thumb
Shayna, Jazreel and Bernice
Photos: image 10 Of 32 thumb
Kim, Yannaphon and Surasak
Photos: image 11 Of 32 thumb
Josh and Dan
Photos: image 12 Of 32 thumb
Kyeong Buk Team
Photos: image 13 Of 32 thumb
Photos: image 14 Of 32 thumb
Photos: image 15 Of 32 thumb
Pyeong Taek Team
Photos: image 16 Of 32 thumb
Seoul Metropolitan Team
Photos: image 17 Of 32 thumb
Su Jin and Yeon Ji
Photos: image 18 Of 32 thumb
Seong Jeong and Yun Mi
Photos: image 19 Of 32 thumb
Arrival of KPBA and WTBA Presidents
Photos: image 20 Of 32 thumb
Introduction to Daejeon CEO
Photos: image 21 Of 32 thumb
Arrival of Mayor
Photos: image 22 Of 32 thumb
Introduction by Park Jang Hae
Photos: image 23 Of 32 thumb
Photos: image 24 Of 32 thumb
Korean National anthem
Photos: image 25 Of 32 thumb
VVIP table
Photos: image 26 Of 32 thumb
Speech by KPBA President
Photos: image 27 Of 32 thumb
Speech by Mayor of Daejeon
Photos: image 28 Of 32 thumb
Speech by Daejeon CEO
Photos: image 29 Of 32 thumb
Speech by WTBA President
Photos: image 30 Of 32 thumb
Declaring championship open
Photos: image 31 Of 32 thumb
Toast for Success
Photos: image 32 Of 32 thumb
Shin Su Ji and Park Kyung Shin

Photos by Terence Yaw in Daejeon.
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