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12th PBAP Bevida-Storm International Classic 2009
Senior Division 2nd Block
Pos BowlerCtryB/FHcp910111213141516Blk2TotAve.Diff
1 Mil TanPHI1550018021418617821927621916916413191199.440
2 Ceasar MuerePHI1513020621119222316417818619015503063191.44-128
3 Chung HimHKG1473021423915518421220618717915763049190.56-142
4 Philip RillortaPHI1603519719915419217715613619414053048185.50-143
5 Frank UyPHI14731015914914817117816118319413432896171.00-295
6 Masa IshizukaJPN1382020020116721213519419819715042886180.38-305
7 James LimSIN13531021016317324712517713618114122845167.81-346
8 Ed BermudezPHI1504015320318116516012519515313352839177.44-352
9 Mervyn SeahSIN1307021120014115721619714116814312738171.13-453
10 Dennis HoTPE1376512315211718724316113516512832699163.69-492
11 Tetz CuPHI127515149931351031131471231019642359132.44-832
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