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Many events are featured here and we keep you abreast with the tenpin bowling championships via our tournament calendar. For other zones, please refer to the bowling calendar listed at WTBA website.

Also listed is the CGU Asian Bowling Tour, presented by Link to AMF Bowling, Inc. Website, promoted by ESPN STAR Sports and sanctioned by Asian Bowling Federation.

  • 2001 International Bowling Calendar
  • CGU Asian Bowling Tour
  • 1999 Bowling Calendar
  • 2000 Bowling Calendar

  • International Bowling Calendar 2001
    Month Dates Tournaments
    Jan 2 - 7 Champions of Champions 2001, Singapore
    Jan/Feb 31 - 15 Bahrain International Open, Bahrain
    Feb 22 - 25 Pepsi 2001 Guam Youth Int'l Classic, Guam
    Feb TBA Impact 300 All-Comers Tournament, Singapore
    Mar 2 - 7 Korea President Cup, Seoul
    Mar 20 - 24 Cathay Bowl Super Classic 2001, Singapore
    Mar 21 - 31 24th MAS Malaysian Int'l Open, Kuala Lumpur
    Mar/Apr 18 - 1 1st Vietnam Internation Open, Vietnam
    Apr 2 - 15 Park Avenue Singles Classic, Malaysia
    Apr TBA UAE International Open, UAE
    Apr 12 - 16 4th Asian Schools Championships, Bangkok
    Apr TBA Arab Sinai Bowling Tournament, Egypt
    Apr TBA 2001 Manhattan Super Classic, Sydney, Australia
    Apr 20 - 26 World Bowling Masters, Abu Dhabi, UAE
    Apr/May 26 - 5 Cosmo International Open, Bangkok, Thailand
    May 19 - 26 Arafura Games, Darwin, Australia
    May 19 - 27 East Asian Games, Osaka, Japan
    May TBA 3rd Sibu Open, Malaysia
    May/Jun 27 - 10 1st Kota Kinabalu Open, Malaysia
    Jun 9 - 23 30th Philippines International Open, Manila
    Jun TBA Perth Tenpin Cup, Australia
    Jun TBA 2001 Youth Challenge, Singapore
    Jun TBA Melbourne Cup, Australia
    Jun TBA PBC International Open, Singapore
    Jun TBA All Stars International C'ships, Malaysia
    Jun/Jul 29 - 8 29th Penang Pesta Int'l Open, Penang, Malaysia
    Jul 4 - 14 5th Chinese Taipei Int'l Open, Keelun, Taiwan
    Jul 13 - 19 11th WTBA Asian Youth Championship, Dubai
    Jul TBA 31st Australian Junior Int'l, Australia
    Jul/Aug 28 - 4 9th China International Open, Guangzhou
    Aug 4 - 11 2nd Pharaohs Open, Egypt
    Aug TBA 34th Singapore International Open, Singapore
    Aug 13 - 16 BBQ Cup Korea Open, Chang Won City
    Aug 16 - 26 6th World Games, Akita, Japan
    Aug TBA 2001 Int'l South Pacific Classic, Australia
    Aug TBA 2nd Stars of Tomorrow, Singapore
    Aug TBA 2nd Superbowl Under-18 Classic, Kedah, Malaysia
    Aug TBA Sarawak Open, Malaysia
    Sep 10 - 15 21st SEA Games - Tenpin Bowling, Malaysia
    Sep 15 - 23 1st Arab Championship, Bahrain
    Sep 8 - 25 1st Kota Kinabalu Int'l Open, Sabah
    Sep/Oct 25 - 6 27th Thailand International Open, Bangkok
    Oct 10 - 14 PBAP-Storm Int'l Invitational Classic, Philippines
    Oct 20 - 26 6th Asian Senior Bowling C'hip, Seoul
    Oct/Nov 28 - 9 4th Storm Cup Korea Open, Seoul
    Nov 4 - 11 37th AMF Bowling World Cup, Pattaya, Thailand
    Nov 20 - 25 2nd Singha Cosmo Stars of Tomorrow Junior, Bangkok
    Nov 16 - 24 15th Asian Intercity, Pusan Metro City
    Dec 2 - 9 2nd Milo Junior All Stars, Pyramid Megalanes, Malaysia
    Dec 7 - 15 27th Hong Kong Int'l Open, Hong Kong
    Dec 18 - 22 5th Cathay Bowl Junior Classic, Singapore
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    CGU Asian Bowling Tour Calendar 2001
    Month Dates Legs
    Jan 11 - 14 Grand Slam Finals, Malaysia
    Apr 1 - 2 Malaysian Leg, Kuala Lumpur
    Jun 24 - 25 Philippine Leg, Manila
    Jul 15 - 16 Chinese Taipei Leg, Taipei
    Aug 5 - 6 China Leg, Guangzhou
    Oct 7 - 8 Thailand Leg, Bangkok
    Nov 10 - 11 Korea Ranking Leg, Seoul
    Dec 16 - 17 Hong Kong Leg, Hong Kong
    Jan 15 - 16, 2002 Singapore Ranking Leg, Singapore
    Jan 17 - 20, 2002 Grand Slam Finals, Singapore
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    World Tenpin Bowling Association
    Member of WTBA
    CGU Asian Bowling Tour 2001
    16th October: The CGU Asian Bowling Tour comes to its seventh and final leg of 2001 when it moves to Hong Kong from December 16-17, where top 14 men and women bowlers from the 27th Hong Kong International Open Championship 2001 will be eligible to play. CGU Asian Bowling Tour Hong Kong Leg
    1st KK Open
    25th September: Malaysian international veteran, Ng Yew Hup bags 1st Kota Kinabalu International Open Masters title at CPS Bowl, Sabah defeating former professional PBA bowler, Purvis Granger of the US while Chen Te Nung of Chinses Taipei finished third. Click here for more details
    1st Arab Cship
    23rd September: Saudi Arabia's Talal Al Towareb bags Masters' title Gold medal defeating UAE's Naeef Oqab and Qatar's Ahmad Shaheen at the conclusion of the Arab Championship at Fun Land Mega Bowling Centre in Manam, Bahrain. 1st Arab Cship
    1st Arab Cship
    16th September: World Bowling Masters runner-up, Bandar Mubarak Al Shafi of Qatar scores perfect game enroute to winning the Singles on Day 1 of the inaugural Arab Championship at Fun Land Mega Bowling Centre in Manam, Bahrain. 1st Arab Cship
    21st SEA Games
    15th September: Two Gold medalist, Lai Kin Ngoh of Malaysia fought back strongly to win her individual Gold medal in the Women's Masters from Liza del Rosario in the 21st SEA Games at Megalanes, Seberang Prai. Click here for more details
    6th World Games
    22nd August: Steven Thornton, Kirsten Penny of Great Britain bags Mixed Doubles on the first tenpin bowling event of the quadrennial multi-sports 6th World Games Bowling Championship in Akita, Japan. 6th World Games 2001

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