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39th Singapore International Open Page 1 | 2 | 3
Men's Open 1st Block Finals
Pos  Bowler Ctry 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Score Ave
1 PURVIS GRANGERUSA1912572482482282032582021835229.38
2 CHESTER KINGPHI2392161972772342332042241824228.00
3 PETER YOOKOR2342462462182461901922311803225.38
4 LEE YU-WENSIN2331972001962442442372151766220.75
5 JACK WONGSIN2262462252352021692362161755219.38
6 SURASAK MTHA1982452092842101812251911743217.88
7 MARKWIN TEEPHI1832051862782022012212581734216.75
8 SAM GOHSIN1842052231932352122212581731216.38
9 MIKA KOIVANIEMIFIN2632211792252112141692351717214.63
10 LEE YOUNG JUNKOR2362081992222562012331561711213.88
11 AZIDI AMERANMAS2682232101692151922321991708213.50
12 SON YOUNG SEOKKOR2452201921732231982012461698212.25
13 DAVID WONGSIN2451622382262272311821821693211.63
14 KU CHING HOTPE1962161801652352072772041680210.00
15 DANIEL LIMMAS1692272382042141922312051680210.00
16 WU HAO MINGTPE1622472451872102141952151675209.38
17 HELMI CHEWSIN2232062031722082202102231665208.13
18 FANG CHIH NANTPE1811992372282051902022141656207.00
19 CHENG CHAO SHENGTPE2032022272002042042041971641205.13
20 CHENG CHAO YUTPE2262002161961921862201841620202.50
21 BIBOY RIVERAPHI2032041962292091502252031619202.38
22 SITTHIPHOL KTHA1722082481931611891942501615201.88
23 SOMJED KTHA2111911832451911752042131613201.63
24 YANNAPHON L THA2181731792152111932112131613201.63
25 BRONCSON TANSIN2411781722271832052002041610201.25
26 CARL DE VRIESSIN1892331992552032081551591601200.13
27 RYAN LALISANGINA2172131731961902001842251598199.75
28 ROGER NISIN1792212381812162151601841594199.25
29 TIM MACKUSA2062131981952051821782161593199.13
30 JASON Y NATHANSIN1811902321371952471572451584198.00
31 SHAUN NGSIN1652222301521941692571901579197.38
32 ZAID IZLANMAS1901641942451651762362051575196.88
33 CHEW FAIZALSIN2032021891832231931552241572196.50
34 HSIEH PING YENTPE2022021951941891772021911552194.00
35 WANG TIEN FUTPE2031482152001922141682031543192.88
36 REMY ONGSIN1842032132011852221541741536192.00
37 MARK WONG JEE MUNSIN1722541912251521581901801522190.25
38 JUSTIN TENGSIN1921701941941851931801641472184.00
39 CHUN BAE KWANG USA1671471321861921441661691303162.88
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