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39th Singapore International Open Page 1 | 2 | 3
Women's Open 2nd Block Finals
Pos  Bowler Ctry B/F 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Score Total Ave
1 LIZA CLUTARIOPHI173621822621322120917817916716113347209.19
2 PAN YU FENTPE171025917919024822516218518216303340208.75
3 HUANG CHIUNG YAOTPE164323019417521519420222521416493292205.75
4 JOJO CANAREPHI167219220022822317917919022516163288205.50
5 WANG YU LINGTPE161221623223416917821121421116653277204.81
6 HUNG SHU CHUNTPE162320218118617823422923718816353258203.63
 Top 6 makes cut for Stepladder Finals
7 ZATIL IMANMAS162221326817221617117719222416333255203.44
8 PUTTY ARMEININA165214523319521216918820219715413193199.56
9 LIANG YA PINGTPE152823317916819322023221321316513179198.69
10 SHALIN ZULKIFLIMAS160119525217819417316719021715663167197.94
11 YAP SEOK KIMSIN161317918923015318920119920015403153197.06
12 ALICE TAYSIN159916819119318419318920722615513150196.88
13 WENDY CHAIMAS163720019822616714818421217115063143196.44
14 JENNIFER TANSIN154320119021319519619621419215973140196.25
15 SABRINA LIMSIN153819122122017117920220220515913129195.56
16 MICHELLE KWANGSIN161618218918120918621018415714983114194.63
17 LIZA DEL ROSARIOPHI161120216518420821618816916714993110194.38
18 TSAI HSIN YITPE155517713216726720819417820915323087192.94
19 JANET LAMHKG160617318515817617618022018114493055190.94
20 ANGKANA NTHA146124421217417817721519318415773038189.88
21 SHAYNA NGSIN151618819018618419317417218214692985186.56
22 JASMINE Y NATHANSIN156022618117915513419319416214242984186.50
23 JAZREEL TANSIN156016217818617814818816421114152975185.94
24 ONG SHE-NASIN141019719923321117318018317815542964185.25
25 AMANDA NGSIN142918319719815614619120523915152944184.00
26 SHEENA GOPHI148120615515420919720918214414562937183.56
27 RENA TENGSIN139620617120217220917418417714952891180.69
28 GERALDINE NGSIN138217717316617719321420018114812863178.94
29 BERNICE LIMSIN147518419113517812418021517313802855178.44
30 EVELYN CHANSIN150115615816717816416317817913432844177.75
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