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26th SEA Games Tenpin Bowling Championship Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8
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Photos: image 1 Of 31 thumb
Brunei men
Photos: image 2 Of 31 thumb
Indonesian men
Photos: image 3 Of 31 thumb
Indonesian women
Photos: image 4 Of 31 thumb
Foong and Ben
Photos: image 5 Of 31 thumb
Malaysian men
Photos: image 6 Of 31 thumb
Malaysian women
Photos: image 7 Of 31 thumb
Singapore preparing registration
Photos: image 8 Of 31 thumb
Remy assisting in ball registration
Photos: image 9 Of 31 thumb
Cherie and Shayna
Photos: image 10 Of 31 thumb
Singapore officials
Photos: image 11 Of 31 thumb
Singapore unofficial practice
Photos: image 12 Of 31 thumb
Singapore men
Photos: image 13 Of 31 thumb
Singapore women
Photos: image 14 Of 31 thumb
Thai men
Photos: image 15 Of 31 thumb
Thai women
Photos: image 16 Of 31 thumb
Meeting backdrop
Photos: image 17 Of 31 thumb
Welcoming speech
Photos: image 18 Of 31 thumb
Brunei officials
Photos: image 19 Of 31 thumb
Indonesian officials
Photos: image 20 Of 31 thumb
Malaysian officials
Photos: image 21 Of 31 thumb
Filipino officials
Photos: image 22 Of 31 thumb
Singaporean officials
Photos: image 23 Of 31 thumb
Thai officials
Photos: image 24 Of 31 thumb
Vietnamese officials
Photos: image 25 Of 31 thumb
Aswin Limansantoso
Photos: image 26 Of 31 thumb
Oky Harwanto
Photos: image 27 Of 31 thumb
Danny Santos
Photos: image 28 Of 31 thumb
John Janawicz
Photos: image 29 Of 31 thumb
Meeting in progress
Photos: image 30 Of 31 thumb
Meeting in progress
Photos: image 31 Of 31 thumb
Lane Draw

Photos by Terence Yaw in Jakarta.
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